A downloadable game

A girl goes on a journey to find her light. 

Eventually she will get something else in addition as well. 

But what is it? What does she need that for? 

Collect all 10 pieces and don't let the light go out, then you will find out what this game is about. 

Controls:  left, right, up, down;   W,A,S,D for left handers


glowing up setup (x86).rar 14 MB


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Would be nice to get a main menu button when pressing Esc instead of closing the game. :D

Hi and thank you for the feedback! We considered that actually and I even prepared one in case, but we left it out in the end because it  wouldn't make too much sense to just redirect you to the starting screen.  Or do you mean a -pause- option? 

Fixed Beta Version

This is a first semester assignment made in one week.